What is Vital Spirit Healing?

How did it all come to be?

Coming from a therapeutic and mindful approach, innovator Tamara Perger aimed to share inspired ways to bring movement and breath into everyday life in practical ways.  Achieving this is done by creating spaces where individuals can engage in gentle movement practices while honouring the collective strength that emerges when they come together.  From this desire, she has been able to design an integrative approach which combines a synthesis of her applied learning and experience.

What can I expect?

Tamara utilizes body-based approaches for physical and emotional health by introducing practices into daily life that allow for more healing, balance and energy.  Additionally, she found that using informative perspectives from neuroscience and through body-mind practices, we are able to discover ways to rewire our thinking, behaviour, emotions, movement and nervous system patterns. 

Tamara's teaching style includes an integration of Kripalu inspired yoga, LifeForce Yoga, Holden Qi Gong, Energy Medicine, I-Rest and Mindfulness Meditation.

As a Mental Health professional, Tamara has witnessed the power of body-based approaches as an adjunct to other treatment modalities.  She is a passionate supporter of body-based skills which empower individuals to take charge of their physical and emotional well-being.

Who is Tamara Perger?

Tamara is a Clinical Social Worker, a Yoga Teacher, a Qi Gong Teacher , a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher and a proud mother of 2 childrenShe is a graduate of the University of Guelph with an Honors B.A. in Psychology and has a Master of Social Work Degree from University of Toronto.

A message from Tamara...

As a person who has struggled with the demands of finding balance with daily life stress while having an autoimmune condition, chronic muscle tension, physical pain and energy regulation issues, I have turned to the wisdom of Yoga and Qi Gong for building physical and emotional resiliency.  

Although thankful to the health professionals I have connected with through my health journey, I felt that something was lacking.  I realized I wanted skills to assist me with taking charge of my own health, trust my own wisdom and enable me to be in charge of my own life.  I became a proponent of self-empowered approaches which foster well-being.  I discovered skills, techniques, ways of thinking, ways of moving, and ways of simply being, which led me to a place of finding ways to navigate each day with a little more freedom, peace, and joy.  I was able to move from surviving to thriving.

I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I have learned, to support others in their discovery of a wellness plan.  These same discoveries help to build confidence and allow for individuals to tap into their own resources.  

A heartfelt "Thank you!" to all the teachers who have shared their knowledge with me and to those who have entrusted me to reiterate these teachings, giving me the opportunity to share what I love.